Smart Hospitality


If you are enjoying the perks of a boutique hotel, but you value privacy, seclusion and precious time away from the bustling crowds, Elysian Santorini is your ultimate destination in Santorini. Sidestepping the commotion with a manner of mild studiousness, the villas of Elysian Santorini in the scenic settlement of Finikia, northwest of Fira -the island’s capital-, perfectly embody this hospitality concept, giving you independence and freedom, and allowing you to take advantage of the very best pros of high-class hotels and private villas alike.

This is the quintessential of our philosophy. We make people feel comfortable, connect with them in a genuine and personable manner, remain discreet, yet at their disposal throughout their stay, and always think one step ahead of them, to prevent anything that might trouble their carefree holidays on our beautiful island. Providing the services of a hotel, in conjunction with the privacy and seclusion of a private villa, is what we like to call smart hospitality.

"Loved the Elysian - they made us feel at home"