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Elysian Santorini

Wrap yourself with the unearthly beauty of Santorini, one of the world's top destinations, and supercharge your five senses. Touch the mystic energy of the volcanic rocks, taste the perpetual salty breeze, listen to the lullaby of the winds blowing 300 meters above sea level, watch the secrets-filled deep waters avidly absorb the sunlight, generating thousands of colors during the course of the day, and allow yourself to be seduced by the fresh scent of a unique Greek island holiday. Discover all you need to know about Elysian Santorini!

Elysian Santorini, a bouquet of boutique holiday villas, stands out in the quaint settlement of Finikia, on the northwest side of the island, a breath away from world-famous Oia, and will indisputably be your hideaway to heavenly soul-comforting holidays in Santorini.

These quietly impressive, meticulously designed, ultra-spacious villas with the unobstructed views to the Aegean's infinite blue are the epitome of stylishness, unpretentious luxury, and inviting minimalistic coziness, echoing the pure, yet the spectacularly distinct character of the island of Santorini, whose abysmal passion will mesmerize your soul, mind, and spirit. If you are enjoying the perks of a boutique hotel, but you value privacy, seclusion and precious time away from the bustling crowds, Elysian Santorini is your ultimate destination in Santorini. Sidestepping the commotion with a manner of mild studiousness, the villas of Elysian Santorini in the scenic settlement of Finikia, northwest of Fira -the island's capital-, perfectly embody this hospitality concept, giving you independence and freedom, and allowing you to take advantage of the very best pros of high-class hotels and private villas alike. This is the quintessential of our philosophy. We make people feel comfortable, connect with them in a genuine and personable manner, remain discreet, yet at their disposal throughout their stay, and always think one step ahead of them, to prevent anything that might trouble their carefree holidays on our beautiful island. Providing the services of a hotel, in conjunction with the privacy and seclusion of a private villa, is what we like to call smart hospitality.

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Our Villas
Elysian Villas
Elysian Villas - 2 with one bedroom and 2 with two bedrooms - impress with their ultra-spacious and functional layout, luxurious amenities, and most of all with their sparkling private pools.
Premium Villas
Premium Villas -2 in total- expanding in a 55 square meters area, are dressed in nude shades of grey, beige and white. They are open-concept villas, featuring a private outdoor plunge pool on the balcony.
Superior Villas
Superior Villas, expanding in an area of 45 square meters are two beautiful open-concept villas, that feature a private outdoor plunge pool on the balcony.
Deluxe Cave Villa
Deluxe Cave Villa boasts an impressive heated pool completed with jets and covered in a red mortar with a unique cave layout.
Luxury Cave Villas
Luxury Cave Villas - 2 with one bedroom - feature private outdoor hot tubs and private terraces with unobstructed sea view. The expansive terrace is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing, with a sea and sunset view that takes your breath away.
Executive Villas
Executive Villas - 1 with one bedroom and 1 with two bedrooms - boasting unparalleled architectural cave aesthetics, are dressed in the shades of beige and white, and have minimalistic hand-picked decorations.
Classic Villas
Classic Villas, expanding in an area of 26 to 35 square meters are two super cozy suites, that feature a top-floor balcony with beautiful views of the sea and Finikia Village.
Finikia - Santorini's unspoiled getaway

Finikia is a beautiful, well-preserved traditional village -and one of the island's first Medieval settlements-, located at a stone's throw from Oia. All dazzling white boxy houses and two notable churches are carved on the volcanic rocks, its Cycladic architecture takes visitors to another spacetime, while its unobstructed view to the vineyards and the Aegean is simply breathtaking.

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