Our Villas

Experience a traditional Cycladic village, away from the crowds, yet at a mere 15-minute walk from Oia

Elysian Villas

Elysian Villas - 2 with one bedroom and 2 with two bedrooms - impress with their ultra-spacious and functional layout, luxurious amenities, and most of all with their sparkling private pools.

Premium Villas

Premium Villas -2 in total- expanding in a 55 square meters area, are dressed in nude shades of grey, beige and white. They are open-concept villas, featuring a private outdoor plunge pool on the balcony.

Superior Villas

Superior Villas, expanding in an area of 45 square meters are two beautiful open-concept villas, that feature a private outdoor plunge pool on the balcony.

Deluxe Cave Villa

Deluxe Cave Villa boasts an impressive heated pool completed with jets and covered in a red mortar with a unique cave layout.

Luxury Cave Villas

Luxury Cave Villas - 2 with one bedroom - feature private outdoor hot tubs and private terraces with unobstructed sea view. The expansive terrace is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing, with a sea and sunset view that takes your breath away.

Executive Villas

Executive Villas - 1 with one bedroom and 1 with two bedrooms - boasting unparalleled architectural cave aesthetics, are dressed in the shades of beige and white, and have minimalistic hand-picked decorations.

Classic Villas

Classic Villas, expanding in an area of 26 to 35 square meters are two super cozy suites, that feature a top-floor balcony with beautiful views of the sea and Finikia Village.